Watch Еда TV Live Online

Еда TV is a Russian thematic channel dedicated to culinary arts. The channel broadcasts around the clock in the Russian language.

The Еда TV channel started on June 1, 2012. The founder and owner is the tile company “Столет”. The project is developed in collaboration with partners and advertisers. The management center is located in St. Petersburg.

The target audience includes both women and men interested in cooking, constantly seeking new and unconventional recipes. The channel’s original programs feature experienced chefs such as Ilya Lazerson, Sergey Malakhovsky, Anton Abrezov, Konstantin Balakhanov, Rustam Tangirov, Nastya Latova, and Zhenya Celery.

Typical informational and educational entertainment shows, as well as live news broadcasts, are absent.

Programs on the Еда TV channel

The most popular programs on the Еда tv channel include:

“Первое, второе, третье” – Alena Izumskaya will teach you how to prepare club sandwiches with carrots, potato salad with mushrooms, braised beef with broccoli, and more; “Пряная луна и сладкий ветер” – Dive into the world of Pan-Asian cuisine: a variety of spices, the combination of spicy and sweet, already stuffed cucumbers, Thai soup with noodles and wontons, Balinese black rice pudding; “ТОП-200” – A rating of the most sought-after dishes, including Finnish fish soup with rye crusts, lobio with cheese, turkey pie, chocolate fondant with berries, gazpacho, homemade Olivier salad;

“Тайна блюда” – Ilya Litvyak offers simple and unusual recipes for those in a hurry: potato pancakes with meat filling, pancakes with eggs, oatmeal cookies, and brownies; “Банкет. Фуршет. Недорого” – The host promises to prepare a party for a friend by himself, featuring salmon and pike perch medals, lasagna with lavash, and an atypical Charlotte cake; “Кто готовит – тот и моет” – Katya Skvortsova generously shares life hacks for light food enthusiasts: blueberry smoothie with banana, cod in batter with chips, granola with yogurt, and a dip made from green peas;

“Дежурный по кухне” – Ideas for those who want something new: sogan kebab with couscous in pomegranate sauce, pizza roll stromboli, chicken and pepper appetizer, pistachio roll, pork tenderloin with persimmon; “Моя шведская кухня” – Energetic Rachel Ku meets with farmers, preservation experts, millers, sausage makers, and other professionals; “Мир любимых вкусов” – Traveler Andrey Zaytsev recommends trying karadzhordzhev schnitzel, pibimpap, tepsy kebab, timbale, pilaf, tagliatelle bolognese, samosa, Georgian kharcho; “Красивая выпечка с Джулиет” – Learn how to create bagels, cinnamon and apple buns, cream-filled donuts, and bread with a surprise; “Семейные рецепты Нади” – Treasures collected from all corners by British chef Nadia.

Gather inspiration and head to the kitchen to create your own culinary masterpieces! On our website, you can watch Еда TV online on the screen of your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or personal computer.