Watch Конный Мир TV Online

Конный Мир (Equestrian World) is a Russian thematic channel of educational and entertainment nature. It broadcasts round-the-clock in the Russian language. The Конный Мир channel was launched on May 10, 2015. It was founded by NTV-Plus with the support of OJSC Russian Hippodromes. Its management center is located in Moscow.

The target audience of the channel is fans of equestrian sports. The team produces original projects, and high-quality documentary series, and also covers global events, horse races, and jumping competitions. Some events are shown in real-time broadcasts.

It’s notable that the schedule does not include information-analytical programs. The flow of thematic shows is interrupted only by short advertising breaks. Program Lineup of “Конный Мир”: Some of the most popular programs on the “Конный Мир” channel are:

PRO_События (PRO_Events) – stay updated with the latest news: reports from various locations, comments from participants and invited experts, summaries, and relevant announcements; “Подкова” (Horseshoe) – features about noble animals: breeds, characteristics of their personalities, abilities, care, and maintenance; “PRO_Конников” (PRO_Equestrians) – introduces people who have dedicated themselves to horses and are engaged in numerous activities related to them; “Эхо Конного мира” (Echo of the Equestrian World) – everything about vaulting: a couple or group of athletes perform gymnastic and acrobatic exercises on a moving horse; “Обратный отсчёт” (Countdown) – nostalgia for the Soviet era: heroes talk about various everyday items that they still keep; and others.

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