Watch Пёс и Ко TV Online

Пёс и Ко is a Russian thematic channel dedicated to dogs. The channel broadcasts around the clock in the Russian language. The channel Пёс и Ко started broadcasting in 2017. The target audience includes television viewers interested in dog breeding. The TV program features educational and entertaining shows about dogs, original documentary film cycles, masterclasses, and reality shows. The projects involve canine experts, veterinarians, breeders, and pet product manufacturers.

Programs on “Пёс и Ко” Some of the most popular programs on the channel “Пёс и Ко”:

“Собачья работа” (“Dog’s Work”) – stories about indispensable four-legged employees of the police, emergency services, army, customs, medical centers; “Служба спасения” (“Rescue Service”) – an interesting TV show about people who dedicate their lives to helping our smaller brethren; “Доктор Лиза” (“Doctor Lisa”) – young Lisa works as a veterinarian and is ready to share touching, funny, and shocking cases, along with intriguing facts;

“Профессия: заводчик собак” (“Profession: Dog Breeder”) – everything you wanted to know about the specifics of dog breeding, answers to the most common questions; “Такие разные собаки” (“Such Different Dogs”) – a TV program about breeds: origin, development, personality traits, breeding rules, and care; “Моя собака – гений” (“My Dog Is a Genius”) – introduction to exceptional dogs whose talents are truly amazing; “Лучшие друзья” (“Best Friends”) – stories of exceptionally warm relationships between dogs and cats, sheep, dolphins, even orangutans; “Кто выпустил собак?” (“Who Let the Dogs Out?”) – the channel’s team travels to different countries in search of animal world geniuses;

“Второй шанс” (“Second Chance”) – dogs that haven’t found loving owners go to a special school to later serve in various institutions; “Место!” (“Place!”) – dog trainers discuss the nuances of dog training. Masterclasses and practical advice; “Прогулки с моей собакой” (“Walks with My Dog”) – British celebrities showcase landmarks and favorite places while walking their dogs; “Дог-STAR” – stars talk about their pets: first meetings, training, challenges, and funny situations; “Ювелирия” (“Jewelry”) – live teleshopping of original accessories. Viewers can purchase unique jewelry by calling a hotline; “Грани здоровья” (“Health Boundaries”) – extreme hosts try unconventional and alternative healing methods. What helps them feel better – bee stings, aromatherapy, or meditation?;

“Азбука хорошего самочувствия” (“Alphabet of Well-being”) – qualified doctors share valuable information on maintaining physical and mental health, stimulating brain activity, preserving mobility and flexibility; “Жизнь на рифе” (“Life on the Reef”) – a TV tour to Australia, to the Great Barrier Reef. Inhabitants, plants, captivating underwater scenes; “Медвежата на прогулке” (“Bear Cubs on a Walk”) – adorable Martin and Agatha curiously explore the home, zoos, forest glades, and even city streets.

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