Watch Фишка TV Live Online

Фишка TV (which translates to “The Gag”) is a thematic channel for those who want to truly relax and have a hearty laugh. The channel broadcasts around the clock in Russian. The YouTube channel Фишка TV appeared on November 16, 2015, and since then, it has been delighting subscribers with carefully selected funny videos from the depths of the internet on a regular basis.

The editorial team offers short video clips on various topics, each of which is sure to evoke at least a wide smile if not bursts of laughter. You can expect absurd dances at anniversaries and weddings, accidentally captured embarrassing moments of people, poorly performed songs in karaoke clubs, adorable antics of pets, and more!

The Фишка TV project is not associated with traditional television, so there are no typical informative-entertaining formats, talk shows, or live news broadcasts in the schedule. Annoying commercial inserts are also absent.

You can watch the Фишка TV channel online at any time and regardless of your location. It can provide relief at the end of a tiring workday or serve as a great backdrop for a friendly gathering. Use your familiar modern device – smartphone, tablet, laptop, or personal computer – the key is a stable internet connection.