Watch 555 Hunt Fishing TV Channel Online

555 Hunt Fishing TV is a Russian thematic channel targeted at an adult audience. It focuses on hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities. The channel broadcasts round the clock in the Russian language. It was launched in 2009 and is owned by a company with the same name. The channel’s management center is located in Moscow.

The programming of 555 Hunt Fishing TV includes original educational shows related to exploring wild nature, hunting, fishing, competitions, and travel. Live news broadcasts are not part of the content.

Some of the engaging programs on the 555 Hunt Fishing TV channel include:

  • “Школа охотника” (“Hunter’s School”) – experienced experts share valuable knowledge with beginners about equipment selection, route planning, and training hunting dogs.
  • “Советы бывалых” (“Tips from the Experienced”) – a collection of practical recommendations for various aspects of hunting and fishing.
  • “Рыбачим с Михалычем” (“Fishing with Michalych”) – the host assembles a strong team, sets a goal, and goes on an impressive fishing trip.
  • “Записки охотника” (“Hunter’s Notes”) – a reality show that offers a glimpse into the lives of hunters, including their journeys, hunting quests, and preparations.
  • “Эксперименты” (“Experiments”) – specialists share unique bait and gear ideas to enhance the fishing experience.
  • “С Михалычем” (“With Michalych”) – an exploration of various countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Africa, Mauritius, France, Spain, Italy, and Portugal.
  • “Кулинарная страничка” (“Culinary Corner”) – a collection of recipes that can be prepared both at home and during outdoor adventures.
  • “Мастерская” (“Workshop”) – hands-on workshops teach viewers to create useful items from readily available materials.
  • “Юмор” (“Humor”) – specific and hilarious jokes to lift the spirits.
  • “Поймал” (“Caught”) – fishermen share their achievements and showcase catches like catfish, pikeperch, carp, pike, and perch.
  • “Вокруг света” (“Around the World”) – a production team visits various countries, exploring urban and natural landmarks.
  • “Охота, рыбалка, спорт” (“Hunting, Fishing, Sports”) – broadcasts of events, interviews with participants, organizers, and spectators.

To watch 555 Hunt Fishing TV you might need to visit its official website or use online streaming platforms that offer access to Russian TV channels. Please ensure that you are using legal and official sources for accessing content online.