Watch 7 TV Channels Online

You can watch 7 TV online on our website using your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. 7 TV is a Russian entertainment channel that produces original mystical programs for audiences aged sixteen and older. It broadcasts round the clock in Russian. The television channel 7 TV appeared on December 16, 2016. The founder and owner is the company Prime Cinema. The headquarters are located in Moscow.

Initially, the channel’s program was reminiscent of REN TV and TV-3, but over time, the similarity, except for the general theme, faded. Now pseudo-mystical shows and pseudo-scientific documentaries alternate with home shopping. Hosts demonstrate various products and offer advantageous purchases through a hotline. The catalog includes everything from clothing and jewelry to household appliances.

The 7 TV channel also includes seasonal series from Russian and foreign producers, such as “Zakrytaya Shkola” (Closed School), “Govoryashchaya s Prizrakami” (Talking to Ghosts), “Sverkh’Yestestvennoye” (Supernatural), “Propovednik” (Preacher), “Lucifer,” and others.

News programs have never been part of the channel’s programming and still are not, as the creators position the channel as a zone free from concerns and intended for comfortable leisure.

7 TV Program: The most interesting programs on 7 TV:

  1. “V Mire Chudes” (In the World of Wonders) – A mystical show about people who have encountered supernatural forces and are ready to share chilling stories.
  2. “Zagadki Drevney Istorii” (Mysteries of Ancient History) – Many historical questions remain unanswered, and the host of the program, Dmitry Sorokin, along with his colleagues, tries to get to the truth.
  3. “Udachny Den'” (Lucky Day) – Live TV shopping, where purchases can be made through a hotline.
  4. “Sensatsiya ili Provokatsiya” (Sensation or Provocation) – A TV show about the past and the future, where scientists and mystics discuss questions that have long concerned humanity.

Movies and Series on 7 TV:

  1. “Zakrytaya Shkola” (Closed School) – A Russian series based on the Spanish project “Chernaya Laguna” (Black Lagoon). The plot revolves around students and teachers of an elite boarding school experiencing mystical events.
  2. “Profail” (Profiler) – A detective story about law enforcement officers who hunt serial killers every day.
  3. “Muzhchina Vo Mne” (The Man Inside Me) – A funny series about a girl who suddenly acquires her alternative personality.
  4. “Za Vse Tebya Blagodaryu” (Thank You for Everything) – Stella and Anna both find themselves in a maternity hospital simultaneously. Anna’s child dies, and a doctor resorts to deception to have her receive another baby.
  5. “Obshchaya Terapiya” (Group Therapy) – Captivating stories about employees of a hospital who are not only professionals but also ordinary people dealing with various problems.
  6. “Sudebnaya Kolonka” (Court Column) – An ambitious journalist, Darya Ivanova, dreams of a breakthrough in her career and seeks out investigations. Her life is soon turned upside down.

Now you can watch the 7 TV channels on our website. Don’t take the mystical content too close to your heart and enjoy the shows online from any available device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer).