Watch 8 Kanal HD TV Online

8 Kanal is a Russian entertainment television channel. The channel broadcasts around the clock in the Russian language. The television channel 8 Kanal HD started its broadcasting on July 5, 2010. It was founded and owned by the company “Prime Cinema,” with its headquarters located in Moscow.

The TV program includes educational shows on various topics, culinary shows, celebrity interviews, and Russian and foreign TV series. Live news broadcasts are not part of the channel’s programming.

Program Lineup of “8 канал”: Here are some of the most popular programs on the “8 канал”:

  • “The Eighth Sense” – Secrets of astrology. What do the stars and constellations say? How do they influence people? What should you pay attention to?
  • “Lucky Day” – A positive TV show about how to spend a pleasant and productive day from morning till late evening.
  • “COOLinary Propaganda” – The history of ingredients, cooking techniques, and principles of proper cooking.
  • “Open Conversation” – Social journalist Ahmed Boziev interviews famous individuals. Guests have included Valery Meladze, Lolita Milyavskaya, Nikita Dzhigurda, and Ksenia Sobchak.
  • “Interview” – Figures in culture and arts share success stories, personal life anecdotes, creative plans, and cherished dreams.
  • “Behind the Scenes” – A close look at famous artists, an opportunity to learn about their work. Past guests include Arthur Smoljaninov, Igor Vernik, Vladislav Vetrov.
  • “Best Purchases” – Teleshopping. Viewers can purchase clothing, footwear, jewelry, and home goods by calling a hotline number.

TV Series on 8 Kanal:

  • “Celebrity” – Attractive girl Maria Clara becomes a star overnight thanks to a successful song. Her life turns into a dream, but everything changes when her beloved tragically dies shortly before the wedding.
  • “Closed School” – Students and teachers of an elite boarding school try to find out what happened to the missing teacher and fiercely protect their own secrets.
  • “Luna” – Investigator Nikolai Panin is forced to move to a provincial town, followed by his wife Katya and daughter Nastya. Soon after the family’s move, the father is found dead, and the locals claim he was killed by werewolves.
  • “Not by Chance Meeting” – One day, paramedic Sergei Lezhnev helps the police solve a case and becomes a regular consultant. …and more.

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