Watch Arirang Korea TV Live Online

Arirang Korea is an international general-interest channel. The broadcast is conducted in Korean and English languages with Russian subtitles. The Arirang Korea TV channel started broadcasting on February 3, 1997. The founder and owner are the government of South Korea. The managing organization is the Korea International Broadcasting Foundation. The headquarters is located in Seoul.

The creators’ goal is to inform viewers about what is happening in the country, promote Korean television, and facilitate cultural exchange. The TV program includes informative, educational, and entertaining shows of its own production.

Programs on Arirang Korea Here are the main programs on the “Arirang Korea” channel:

  • “Global Insight” – discussions among experts and opinion leaders about the country’s development.
  • “SmartBiz Accelerators” – stories about small and medium-sized businesses, introducing the products of companies that have succeeded in the global market.
  • “The Point” – the host and an expert discuss contemporary issues: the history of emergence, possible consequences, and search for solutions.
  • “Club.KOM” – a TV show dedicated to the unique musical direction of fusion. Traditional motifs form the basis of compositions.
  • “After School Club” – live concerts of emerging and well-known performers for fans of K-Pop style.
  • “Korea Travelogue” – a TV journey through large and small Korean cities, delving into history, traditions, customs, and cuisine.
  • “Catchy Korea” – an interesting TV show that allows you to learn more about culture and art.
  • “Premium Collection” – an impressive collection of original documentary films on various topics.

News on Arirang Korea Every day, the program “Arirang News” airs in live broadcast. The hosts provide viewers with up-to-date information on domestic and foreign policies, economics, and culture.

The Arirang Korea channel is available online on our website. Use your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer to watch captivating TV programs.