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ArtPiter TV is a Russian educational and entertainment channel that broadcasts around the clock in the Russian language. The ArtPiter TV channel was launched on January 19, 2019. The founder and owner of the channel is the film company of the same name. The chief editor is the host, actress, and journalist Elena Larina, and the creative producer is the director and program author Alexey Ryabkov.

The creators’ goal is to cover the cultural and social life of St. Petersburg and effectively promote worthy projects. The programming lineup consists of original TV shows, films, and series, as well as musical segments. Commercial advertising is also present.

Programs on Artpiter: Some of the interesting programs on the ArtPiter TV channel include:

  • “ArtPiter Pro” – conversations with amazing and inspiring city residents who have achieved their goals, established themselves as professionals in their fields, and developed businesses.
  • “Stories and People” – interviews with local celebrities willing to share details about their personal lives, professions, creative work, and future plans.
  • “Business Approach” – discussions with successful private entrepreneurs eager to share valuable experience with like-minded beginners.
  • “ArtPITЕRband Digest” – previews of upcoming events that should not be missed, covering various categories such as cinema, music, poetry, and theater.
  • “Better Ask a Doctor” – practicing doctors satisfy viewers’ curiosity by discussing common illnesses, symptoms, diagnostic methods, and treatments.
  • “Russian-Style Leisure” – exploring the sights of the vast country, exciting adventures, sincere impressions, and proven life hacks.
  • “Trampoline” – a master of healing practices and a psychologist discuss important topics such as psychosomatics, working with emotions, family legacies, attraction to the occult, and beneficial habits.
  • “Episodes” – detailed reports covering events like the “Scarlet Sails” festival, traditional costumes of various ethnic groups, the activities of the folkloric and choreographic ensemble “Kulkuset,” workshops, lectures, performances, and city celebrations.
  • “Evening Guest” – pleasant acquaintances with gifted and determined residents of St. Petersburg, heart-to-heart conversations over tea.
  • “Time to Understand” – law enforcement officers, government representatives, and respected experts answer various inquiries, addressing topics such as private criminal cases, fly-by-night companies, the role of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor), workplace safety, theft prevention, and citizens’ rights protection during rallies and demonstrations.

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