BACKUS TV Live Online

BACKUS TV: Delighting with Online Entertainment Gems Embark on a journey of entertainment with “BACKUS TV” – a Russian entertainment channel catering to an adult audience. This channel broadcasts your favorite programs around the clock in the Russian language, bringing joy and variety to your daily routine.

Introducing BACKUS TV Original: Original took the stage in 2017, bringing a breath of fresh air to the screen with a diverse selection of movies and series. One of the main principles of its creators is to allow viewers to indulge in captivating works of art, avoiding being frozen on the screen due to endless news segments and political talk shows.

A Treasure Trove of Variety: boasts a unique advantage – a rich and diverse collection. Here, you can enjoy films of various genres and time periods, finding something to suit your taste. The channel keeps up with the times, introducing contemporary hits into its lineup that can captivate your interest.

Wrestling and Captivating Shows: goes beyond just movies. Spectacular WWE wrestling matches are often featured in the program, giving you the opportunity to enjoy thrilling battles of excellent quality. Even those who previously had no interest in staged wrestling won’t be able to resist the excitement of the presented fights.

Key Role of Support: BACKUS TV is a project created by anonymous owners and continues to grow thanks to commercial advertising and a loyal audience. If you’d like to support the channel, you can make a donation through the official VKontakte group. Your contribution will help the channel continue to delight viewers with high-quality and captivating content.

Unveil a World of Possibilities: Immerse yourself in the diversity and excitement of entertainment offerings on BACKUS TV. This channel provides an amazing opportunity to enjoy your favorite shows and films online on the screen of your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer.