Watch Belarus 5 TV Live Online

Belarus 5 TV is a Belarusian thematic channel aimed at devoted fans of both domestic and international sports. It broadcasts round-the-clock in both the Belarusian and Russian languages.

The Belarus 5 TV channel was launched on October 21, 2013. It was founded and is owned by the National State Television and Radio Company of the Republic of Belarus (Beltelecom). The management center is located in the city of Minsk.

The creators’ goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle among the youth, showcase domestic competitions and games in real-time broadcasts, and support local athletes. The covered sports include tennis, football, basketball, hockey, biathlon, figure skating, track and field athletics, and ballroom dancing.

Program Lineup of Belarus 5 TV Some of the most popular programs on the “Беларусь 5” channel are:

“Завтрак чемпиона” (Champion’s Breakfast) – tasty and diverse recipes for those who follow a healthy diet and abstain from harmful products; “Игра головой” (Mind Game) – take a break from boring studies and exhausting work to relax and participate in an engaging intellectual quiz; “Большой спорт” (Big Sport) – a review of the brightest events: competition results, expert analysis, future predictions, exclusive interviews; “Фактор силы” (Strength Factor) – everything about martial arts: old and new fights, best moments, pleasant encounters with prominent industry representatives;

“Пит-стоп” (Pit Stop) – a great gift for motorcycle enthusiasts: training, races, and conversations with ambitious participants; “Матч-пойнт” (Match Point) – immerse yourself in the world of tennis: thrilling matches involving professionals and amateurs; “Вот это спорт!” (That’s Sports!) – Hosts learn about the most unusual sports: Have you ever heard of drone racing, dog frisbee, rollball, and speedcubing?

“Слэм-данк” (Slam Dunk) – a project for those who want to learn basketball: basic techniques, detailed analysis of celebrities’ styles, useful tips; “На грани фола” (On the Brink of a Foul) – acknowledged masters meet for a discussion about European championships, give assessments, and speculate about what lies ahead for teams; “Азбука спорта” (Sports Alphabet) – the younger generation discusses the basics of a healthy lifestyle, provides advice on incorporating regular exercises into their lives, and acquiring proper eating habits.

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