Watch Bike TV Live Online

Bike TV is an Italian channel dedicated to the world of cycling. It provides round-the-clock broadcasts in both Italian and English languages, catering to cycling enthusiasts and sports lovers alike.

The channel was launched on February 12, 2013, by Filmedia, its founder, and owner. Bike TV offers a diverse TV program, including original informative, educational, and entertaining shows. Viewers can enjoy exclusive interviews with athletes, coaches, and commentators, live broadcasts of training sessions and races, as well as engaging documentary films.

Here are some of the most popular programs featured on Bike TV:

  • “A tu per tu” (“Face to Face”) – Hosted by Luca Gregorio, this show brings together world champions to discuss their lives and careers.
  • “Biciclette d’epoca” (“Vintage Bicycles”) – Experts delve into the history of old bicycle models and brand stories.
  • “Incontra” (“Encounters”) – Get acquainted with both up-and-coming and accomplished Italian cyclists.
  • “Racing Team” – Gain a marketing perspective on cycling in this intriguing project.
  • “Travel” – Andrea Colnago interviews individuals who explore cities and countries on their bicycles.
  • “Il salotto di Greg&Magro” (“Greg and Magro’s Lounge”) – Luca Gregorio and Riccardo Magrini invite guests who can’t imagine their lives without sports.
  • “Le Storie di BIKE” (“BIKE’s Stories”) – Dive into captivating, inspiring, and even shocking tales from the lives of those dedicated to cycling.
  • “SHOWTIME” – Paolo Patrici, a six-time elite trial champion, shares insights into unusual cycling disciplines.
  • “Smart Planet” – An intriguing TV show highlighting new developments for cyclists.

Original Bike TV programs are available for online streaming on our website. Simply use your preferred device with internet access to watch TV, regardless of your location. Explore the exciting world of cycling through Bike TV’s engaging content.