Watch Biz Cinema TV Live Online

Biz Cinema is a Uzbekistani entertainment channel. The broadcast is available 24 hours a day in the Uzbek language. The Biz Cinema channel appeared in 2019. The founder and owner is the television company BIZ TV. The management center is located in Tashkent.

The target audience is adult fans of films produced in Uzbekistan. The TV program does not include live news broadcasts or reality shows; it only features movies from different years of excellent quality. The project is created and developed through commercial advertising.

Among the genres are drama, melodrama, comedy, thriller, action, war, adventure, and crime. The collection includes the following films: “Super Bride,” “I Am Jalaladdin,” “Fatima and Zuhra,” “Defect,” “Groom for Rent,” “Another,” “Boys in the Sky,” “Gastarbeiter,” “Oh, Maryam, Maryam,” “Motherland,” “Scorpion,” “The Little Healer,” “Temptation,” “Zumrad and Kimmat,” “I’m Not a Terrorist,” “Resilience,” “Bodyguard,” “Off Target,” and many others.

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