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Biz TV is a Uzbekistani channel aimed at an adult audience. The broadcast is available 24 hours a day in the Uzbek language. The Biz TV channel started operating in 2019. The founder and owner is the eponymous television and radio company. The management center is located in the city of Tashkent.

The main programming lineup consists of original informative, educational, and entertainment shows, as well as documentary series on various topics. Some important events and sporting events are broadcast live. The creators’ goal is to develop Uzbekistan’s national television, preserve cultural heritage, popularize Uzbek content, and support young talents.

The collection includes the following movies and TV series: “The Abductor of My Soul,” “Modern Matchmakers,” “Super Bride,” “Scorpion,” “Shaytanat – The Kingdom of Demons,” “Temptation,” “The Little Healer,” “Boys in the Sky,” “I’m Not a Terrorist,” “Zumrad and Kimmat,” “My Friend Djinn,” “Gastarbeiter,” “Sarvinoz,” and many others.

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