Watch CCTV 4 Channels Online

CCTV 4 is a Chinese general-interest channel that broadcasts around the clock in the Chinese language. The birthday of the CCTV 4 TV channel is October 1, 1992. The founder and owner is CCTV (China Central Television). The headquarters is located in Beijing.

The channel specializes in producing news broadcasts about China and the world, informative TV programs about China, and original documentary films. The TV program also includes feature films, TV series, children’s shows, and broadcasts of sports matches and competitions.

Programs on CCTV 4 Here are some of the most significant programs on the “CCTV-4” channel:

  • “Memory of China” – an engaging show about untold historical facts.
  • “Nostalgia” – a series of stories about villages: traditional culture, customs, natural landmarks, conversations with ordinary people.
  • “Bond with China” – a program about China’s relations with other countries around the world.
  • “Dreamchaser” – inspiring stories of qualified professionals and businessmen who have built their dream careers.
  • “TV Drama” – a thematic block dedicated to popular Asian TV series and feature films.
  • “Music Fair” – a Japanese TV show where singers, musicians, and groups perform exclusive live concerts.
  • “Cartoon City” – a collection of bright and kind cartoons for the youngest viewers.

News on CCTV-4 Every day, there are live news broadcasts, including “China News” and “Asia Today.” Global events are covered in the show “Focus Today.”

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