Watch Dubai Racing TV Live Online

Dubai Racing TV is an Arabic sports channel dedicated to national sports. It broadcasts around the clock in Arabic and English. The Dubai Racing TV channel is created for those who are truly interested in horse racing, camel racing, and falconry. It was founded and is owned by Dubai Media Incorporated. The management center is located in Dubai, UAE.

The goal of the creators is to popularize these sports, draw attention to prominent athletes and local events, and effectively search for young talents ready to continue the tradition. Most events are broadcast live so that fans can watch, cheer for their favorites, and genuinely empathize.

The broadcast schedule also includes high-quality recordings of past competitions, and conversations with record holders, coaches, and commentators. The channel completely lacks informational, educational, and entertainment programs. Nevertheless, the hosts take the floor to summarize, make predictions, and announcements.

Now Dubai Racing TV is available online! On our internet resource, you can watch interesting TV programs using your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer.