Watch EXO TV Channel Online

EXO TV is an information and entertainment channel popular not only in the Republic of Crimea but also across the country. The channel broadcasts around the clock in the Russian language. The television channel Eho TV was launched in 2002. It was founded and owned by the media company Эхо with leaders like Alexey Venediktov, Yevgeny Kiselyov, and Yuri Fedutinov.

The channel produces news, informational, educational, enlightening, and entertaining TV shows for viewers starting from the age of twelve. The program also includes documentaries and fictional films.

On weekends EXO TV broadcasts both Russian and foreign films, predominantly dramas, melodramas, and comedies. EXO TV is broadcast not only in Russia but also in Ukraine, Germany, the UK, Italy, France, Australia, Switzerland, Austria, India, Japan, and the USA.

Program Lineup of EXO TV: Some of the notable programs on EXO TV include:

  • “To Where the Light Is” – A documentary project about the beauty of the Holy Land. An exciting journey to the holy places that remember the events of the Gospels and meet interesting people from Russian Palestine.
  • “Movie News” – A program by movie lovers for movie lovers. It features upcoming premiere announcements and discussions of films currently in theaters, along with interesting facts about actors, actresses, screenwriters, directors, and other representatives of the film industry.
  • “What Are You Thinking About” – Interviews with public and political figures, singers, musicians, poets, writers, theater and film actors. The focus is on their life views, principles, values, and worldviews.
  • “Conversations with Bishop Pavel” – Patriarchal Exarch, Metropolitan of Minsk and Zaslavl Pavel answers challenging and relevant questions from viewers, offers valuable advice, helps find peace in the soul, and makes the right decisions.
  • “Orthodox Shrines of Crimea” – A series of original documentary films about the peninsula’s temples and those who choose to believe and follow timeless church traditions. The hosts share routes that every resident and guest of the republic can use.
  • “Different Music” – Up-and-coming and lesser-known singers and musicians perform live in the studio, sharing their lives, creativity, aspirations, and goals for the future. “Good News” – An informational program called “Good News” airs multiple times a day, covering cultural and sports events. The classic news program, “Latest Events,” discusses current incidents and issues in real time.

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