Watch FailArmy TV Live Online

FailArmy TV is an American entertainment channel targeted at an adult audience. The channel broadcasts around the clock in English. FailArmy TV was launched in 2011. The founder and owner is the company Jukin Media. The management center is located in Los Angeles.

Every person inevitably encounters failures and embarrassing moments in everyday life. It’s worth acknowledging that some of them look truly funny and become stories that are enjoyable to laugh at with family members and friends.

The core of the TV program consists of short humorous videos about kids, adults, domestic and wild animals. The team avoids offensive, cruel, and sad content because their goal is to uplift the spirits of devoted fans of the project.

Viewers can submit their own videos through the official website. Those whose creations make it to the live broadcast receive generous monetary compensation for the copyrights.

Laugh heartily to tears and bellyaches! On our website, you can watch ailArmy TV online using your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. Make sure your device is reliably connected to the internet.