Watch FAN TV Live Channels Online

FAN TV is a private entertainment channel that caters to fans of exciting films and Japanese animation. The channel broadcasts around the clock in Russian.

FAN HD offers a wide variety of engaging content. The programming mainly consists of films and anime from different years, all presented in excellent quality and without interruptions for commercial advertising. The channel deviates from traditional TV formats, providing a space to unwind from live news broadcasts and talk shows on FAN TV.

FAN TV channel’s collection includes American and European films such as “Æon Flux,” “Judge Dredd,” “Noah,” “Master of the Elements,” “Snow White: Revenge of the Dwarves,” “The Thing,” “The Fifth Element,” “Blood and Chocolate,” “Vampire Academy,” “Thunderbolt,” “About Time,” “Daredevil,” “UltraAmericans,” “Stardust,” “Upgrade,” “Across the Ocean,” “Elektra,” “Gemini,” and more.

FAN TV also features a lineup of popular anime shows:

  • “Sword Art Online” – a new game captivates gamers worldwide, but players soon realize they cannot log out willingly; survival depends on victory.
  • “Everyday Life of the Immortal King” – sixteen-year-old Wang Ling faces impressive self-improvement achievements, yet they pale in comparison to the challenges his senior high school has prepared for him.
  • “One of the Outcasts: Outlaw” – Zhang Chulan meets a crowd of zombies in a cemetery, saved only by a charming stranger.
  • “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex” – military hacker Motoko Kusanagi assists a security officer in investigating a bombing, while detective Batou deals with the murders of prostitutes.
  • “Age of Dragons” – special forces fighter Van Shen ends up in a spirit abode, merging with the soul of a carp named Yuan, and embarks on the path of developing his new ally.
  • “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” – Edward and Alphonse Elric attempt to circumvent the main law of alchemy and pay a heavy price; now, they must overcome many obstacles and correct past mistakes.
  • “The Twelve Kingdoms” – a fantasy world where an epic saga unfolds across twelve kingdoms, each with its unique culture, magic, and history. Heroes fight against evil that seeks to disrupt the current order.
  • “Hunters of Forgotten Voices” – enthusiasts who lovingly seek forgotten fates, giving voice to those lost in the dusty pages of history, reminding us of the endless richness of human experience.
  • “Doremi: Looking for Magic” – an animated series about the adventures of a young witch and her loyal friends, venturing into the captivating world of magic, encountering difficulties, uncovering secrets, and developing their magical abilities.

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