Farsi TV Live Online

Established in 2021 under the visionary leadership of Masoud Deljoo, Farsi TV has embarked on a journey of cultural enrichment and artistic expression. Collaborating with a team of skilled Iranian technical engineers and artists is driven by a profound purpose and production philosophy.

A Platform for Connection and Culture Farsi TV Live Online

At its core, Farsi TV is a beacon of social, family, and cultural connectivity for Iranians residing beyond their homeland’s borders. This dynamic platform seeks to unite artists scattered across the globe, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie within the global Iranian community. With a genuine commitment to forging meaningful and constructive dialogues, extends its reach to embrace Persian-speaking individuals worldwide, transcending geographical boundaries, and inviting heart-to-heart exchanges.

Nurturing Emerging Talent

A crucial facet of Farsi TV’s mission is to serve as a nurturing ground for young, talented individuals aspiring to venture into the realms of acting and television presenting. By offering a platform to these emerging talents, plays an instrumental role in cultivating a new generation of artists who can contribute to the production of diverse and impactful programs. This endeavor not only enriches the artistic landscape but also empowers the next generation to carry forward the torch of creativity and storytelling.

Custodians of Language and Identity

Farsi TV takes on the noble responsibility of safeguarding the Persian language and Iranian heritage. Through its inclusive and inviting approach, the channel seeks to rally the Persian-speaking community worldwide, uniting them in preserving the invaluable treasures of their language and shared identity. The production line is resolute in its commitment to celebrating the cultural richness and vibrancy that define the Persian-speaking world.

A Distinctive Vision, Free from Political Agenda

It is important to underscore that Farsi TV’s purpose and production ethos are firmly rooted in cultural appreciation and artistic collaboration. The channel steadfastly upholds a stance of neutrality, devoid of any political affiliations, biases, or opposition to religious beliefs, governmental systems, or nationalities. Farsi TV stands as a testament to the power of culture and creativity to transcend divisions, promote unity, and foster a sense of belonging among a diverse and dispersed community.

In sum, Farsi TV, founded in 2021 by Masoud Deljoo alongside a dedicated team of Iranian talents, is driven by a genuine aspiration to celebrate the cultural, artistic, and linguistic essence of Iranians worldwide. Through genuine and constructive engagement, the channel acts as a bridge that brings together individuals, nurtures budding talent, and preserves the legacy of the Persian language and heritage, all while maintaining a steadfast commitment to inclusivity and cultural exchange.