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FITE TV is a global sports channel dedicated exclusively to combat sports. It broadcasts round-the-clock in English. The FITE TV channel was launched on May 20, 2012. Its creators and leaders are Costa Iordanov, Methodi Filipov, and Stefan Lilov. The management centers are located in New York, USA, and Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

The TV program features mixed martial arts, boxing, and wrestling. Live fights alternate with high-quality video recordings from previous years, including classics of the genre, informational shows featuring well-known athletes, and reviews of the best fights in history.

Frequent appearances on the channel include Hamza Erlikaya, Kyle Snyder, Cain Velasquez, Randy Couture, John Cena, Adam Copeland, Randy Orton, Vince McMahon, Rikishi, Wade Barrett, and many others.

Notably, the editors also highlight well-known women who have dedicated their lives to combat sports. Viewers can enjoy the skills of Chyna, Emi Sakura, Britt Baker, Madi Wrenkowski, Tay Conti, Nyla Rose, and others.

FITE TV features sponsor advertisements, but the project primarily sustains itself through paid subscriptions and the sale of access to unique content.

FITE TV News In the main news program “News,” the hottest news from the world of MMA and wrestling is discussed. Hosts and commentators review all the past fights and announce those that are yet to take place. Within this show, there are also compilations of the best moments.

If you’re interested in combat sports, try watching FITE TV online on our website. You’ll likely enjoy it!