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FMC (Fantastic Mistyc) is a private entertainment channel targeted at an adult audience. The broadcast is available 24/7 in Russian.

FMC смотреть онлайн

FMC channel is a true gift for those who are tired of traditional TV formats and want to relax while watching captivating stories. Here, you won’t find distressing live news broadcasts or endless talk shows about political and economic matters or interpersonal relationships.

The core of the broadcast lineup consists of high-quality American and European feature films and TV series. Among the genres are fantasy, mystery, science fiction, adventure, thriller, action, detective, and comedy. The flow of stories never stops, and the playlists are regularly updated. The creator carefully monitors hot new releases, so there’s no need to worry about repeats. All episodes are shown in chronological order to avoid confusion.

Commercial advertising is absent. The current owner’s details are displayed in the bottom right corner, allowing viewers to make any donations to support the channel.

FMC Programming: Some of the most popular TV series on the FMC channel include:

  • “Supernatural” – two hunter brothers travel across America, fighting paranormal creatures, evil spirits, and demons in search of their missing father and the mysteries of their supernatural origin.
  • “Dark” – in this German-American TV series, mysteries and enigmas connected with the disappearance of children in a small town are uncovered. Gradually, it becomes clear that events are tied to time travel and families whose fates are intertwined over generations.
  • “American Horror Story” – each season of this anthology series represents a separate story, combining various themes and characters including ghosts, witches, supernatural forces, and other mystical elements.
  • “Lost” – a group of survivors of a plane crash on a deserted island face mysterious forces and events, including supernatural phenomena, temporal shifts, and the island’s enigmatic history.
  • “Medium” – an interesting blend of drama and mystery. A woman named Allison Dubois has the ability to see and communicate with the dead. She uses her abilities to assist in criminal investigations.
  • “The Leftovers” – based on the novel of the same name, this series explores the mysterious disappearance of 2% of the world’s population. The plot focuses on a group of remaining people and their search for meaning and answers.
  • “Ash vs Evil Dead” – a fantasy comedy horror, a continuation of the “Evil Dead” movies. Ash Williams fights zombies and demons using his chainsaw and witty comments.
  • “Sherlock” – this modern TV series transports the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes to the present day. He solves complex cases and crimes using his genius intellect and powers of observation.
  • “The Witcher” – based on the popular fantasy book series, this series follows Geralt of Rivia, an experienced monster hunter with magical abilities who battles evil and searches for his destiny.
  • “Patriot” – combining drama, comedy, and mystery, this series tells the story of a spy who must carry out a mission as part of his secret assignment, despite the challenges and inner conflicts.

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