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Futurama – a thematic channel aimed at fans of the eponymous animated series. The broadcast is available around the clock in Russian. The science-fiction animated series “Futurama” began airing in 1999. The creators of the concept are Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, the company is 20th Century Fox.

The action takes place in the thirty-first century. Philip J. Fry was an ordinary pizza delivery boy when he accidentally ended up in a cryogenic chamber. He woke up nine hundred ninety-nine years later in New New York. Needless to say, he was greatly surprised. Soon, he met an attractive girl named Turanga Leela. She had only one eye, as she belonged to the Cyclops race, and worked as a career assignment officer.

In the past, Philip hated his job as a delivery boy, but an acquaintance confirmed that this was his calling. Not wanting to follow the rules, he left the center. She followed him, deciding to radically change her own life.

The heroes found the last living descendant of Fry. He turned out to be the old man Hubert Farnsworth, who managed to become famous as a brilliant scientist and organize a profitable company called “Planet Express.” One day, he acted as the smartest person in the galaxy, and the next, he resembled a clueless kindergarten teacher. This was due to senility and dementia.

The infantile slacker Fry and the determined Leela became couriers. The team included: the cynical foul-mouthed and alcoholic robot Bender, the doctor John Zoidberg who knows nothing about human anatomy and physiology, and the rebellious intern in a pink jumpsuit, Amy Wong.

On this channel, you won’t see educational and entertainment shows, as well as live news broadcasts. Only episodes of the cartoon are included in the schedule in chronological order without interruptions for commercials. Please note: the project is intended for adult viewers. Age rating – sixteen plus.

The History of Creating Futurama

Parodies of the science fiction genre weren’t always equally popular. The series was in demand from 1999 to 2003, after which the project was temporarily closed. From 2006 to 2009, full-length movies were shown to attract viewers. New episodes were also broadcast from 2010 to 2012.

The writers understood that they needed to create a coherent world. That’s why they abandoned traditional utopian and dystopian concepts. They tackled many topical themes, such as politics, economics, global warming, bureaucracy, television, spam, pornography, harmful habits, discrimination, and the fight for equal rights.

In February, it was announced that “Futurama” would finally continue in 2023. The popular streaming service Hulu ordered a whole twenty episodes to gauge the audience’s interest.

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