Watch India TV Online

India TV is an entertainment channel aimed at adult viewers. The channel broadcasts around the clock in Russian language. The India TV channel is a treasury of wonderful stories. The main genres include drama, melodrama, comedy, adventure, crime, and action. Notably, the programming does not include informational and educational shows, as well as live news broadcasts.

Thanks to high-quality Indian films and series, you will immerse yourself in the culture of a distant country, and get acquainted with old traditions and customs. The fascinating world of modern India captivates from the very beginning, the vibrant costumes stimulate imagination, and the songs are something you would want to add to your favorite music playlists.

The collection includes the following films in excellent quality: “My Home – India,” “Blow the Whistle,” “Power,” “Ghani,” “Shershaah,” “Papa,” “Saaina,” “One and Only Life,” “Mr. & Mrs. Khanna,” “How Boss Got Nose Wiped,” “Cold-Blooded Thief,” “Om Shanti Om,” “Invisible Move,” “It’s a Celebration,” “Elephants – My Friends,” and more.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the touching, inspiring, and captivating plots of Indian cinema! On our website, you can watch India TV online using any modern device.