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Insight TV is a Dutch thematic channel oriented towards adventure seekers. The channel broadcasts round the clock in Russian. The television channel Insight TV HD made its debut in 2015. It is founded and owned by the company of the same name, with its management center located in Amsterdam.

The programming lineup primarily consists of original reality shows, documentary series, and educational entertainment programs dedicated to exploring the world, extreme sports, gaming, and blogging. Some events are shown live.

Program Lineup of Insight TV Here are some of the most captivating programs featured on the Insight TV channel:

  • “Time Waits for No One” – Participants compete for ten thousand euros. The winner is the one who adapts in South Africa, overcomes inner fears, and conquers tough challenges.
  • “Masters of Stories” – Exploring martial arts and exceptional ancient and modern teachers ready to share how one can radically transform body and soul.
  • “Car Graveyard” – Unconventional specialists explain how to properly modify cars, help avoid mistakes, and provide practical recommendations for enthusiasts.
  • “Hollywood Weapons” – Experts analyze the best action scenes from movies and distinguish facts from the bold imagination of directors, screenwriters, and actors.
  • “Street Art Challenge” – Talented artists complete collective tasks in different parts of the world, allowing viewers to follow the process.
  • “On the Line” – Enthusiasts draw a line on a map between two destinations and commit to following the route, regardless of obstacles.
  • “Power and Tech” – Stories about trailblazers focused on revolutionary discoveries and remarkably daring experiments.
  • “Bits of the City” – Visiting European cities, landmarks, and iconic places, and pleasant interactions with locals.
  • “La Viva de Lucha Libre” – Mexican Rey Mysterio has devoted decades to professional wrestling and is ready to immerse viewers in its culture, traditions, and training.
  • “Modern Gladiators” – All about esports and gaming: the lives of players, streamers, commentators, cosplayers, and devoted fans.
  • “Main Goal” – Twenty-eight women united by the dream of joining football teams, and only the best of them will get a chance.
  • “Full Turn” – Skateboarder Richie Jackson chats with colleagues about the current state of the industry, reflecting on the past and future.
  • “Supercar Blondie” – The host tests racing cars under the supervision of famous stars and shares her impressions.
  • “Stalkers” – Friends seek out inaccessible and dangerous locations where tourists never venture.
  • “I Am Invincible” – A series about individuals who have experienced shocking tragedies and managed to overcome difficulties on their path to stunning success.

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