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Kino 1 International TV is a Russian entertainment movie channel that broadcasts round the clock in the Russian language. The television channel Kino 1 International TV is owned by the company TvikselTV. The creators’ goal is to provide a space where there are no informative and entertaining talk shows or live news broadcasts.

Kino 1 International TV смотреть онлайн

The core of the broadcast schedule consists of Russian and Soviet films from different years, presented in excellent quality. These films are shown one after another without interruptions for tedious commercial advertisements.

The collection includes the following films: “Двое в новом доме” (“Two in a New House”), “Застава Ильича” (“Ilyich’s Gate”), “Забавы молодых” (“Amusements of Youth”), “Школьный вальс” (“School Waltz”), “Вдовы” (“Widows”), “Магия чёрная и белая” (“Black and White Magic”), “Понедельник начинается в субботу” (“Monday Starts on Saturday”), “Планета бурь” (“Planet of Storms”), “Цыганка Аза” (“Gypsy Azza”), “Дикая собака динго” (“Wild Dingo”)

С вечера до полудня” (“From Evening to Noon”), “Сто дней после детства” (“A Hundred Days After Childhood”), “Настройщик” (“The Tuner”), “Сестрёнка” (“Little Sister”), “Нелюбовь” (“Loveless”), “Не чужие” (“Not Strangers”), “Давай разведёмся” (“Let’s Get Divorced”), “Лётчик” (“Pilot”), “Как Витька Чеснок вёз Леху Штыря в дом инвалидов” (“How Vitya Chelomey Brought Lech Shchtyr to the House of Disabled People”), “Мне не больно” (“It Doesn’t Hurt Me”), and more.

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