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Kinosezon TV is a Russian entertainment channel designed for an adult audience. The channel broadcasts continuously both during the day and at night in the Russian language. The Kinosezon TV channel was created for dedicated fans of Russian cinema. The channel is owned by the company HD Media, with its headquarters located in Zhukovsky, Moscow Oblast.

Kinosezon TV КиноСезон смотреть онлайн

The schedule of the channel does not include informative programs, live news, or advertisements. The emphasis is on Soviet and Russian films from different years, but occasionally foreign works are also broadcast. The channel successfully combines classics with loud new releases. The genres featured include drama, melodrama, comedy, history, detective, war films, and more.

The collection of films available on the channel includes titles such as Kinosezon TV (Dry Valley), “Девушка с характером” (A Girl with Character), “Отдать концы” (To Give Up the Ghost), “Святое дело” (A Holy Matter), “Прогулка” (A Walk), “Пленный” (The Captive), “Поезд идёт на Восток” (The Train is Going East), “Сердца четырёх” (Hearts of Four), “Враги” (Enemies), “Трактористы” (Tractor Drivers), “Собака Павлова” (Pavlov’s Dog), “Дневник его жены” (His Wife’s Diary), “Донецкие шахтёры” (Donetsk Miners), “Кубанские казаки” (Kuban Cossacks), “Сельский врач” (Country Doctor), “Хранитель времени” (Time Keeper), “Майор” (Major), “Связь” (Connection), “Игра” (The Game), “Я буду рядом” (I’ll Be Nearby), and more.

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