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Klassika Indiyskogo Kino TV is an entertainment channel dedicated to classic Indian cinema. The channel is targeted towards an adult audience and broadcasts round the clock in the Russian language. The television channel Klassika Indiyskogo Kino was created for devoted Bollywood fans. The channel does not feature lively talk shows, thematic informative programs, or live news broadcasts. Tedious commercial breaks are also absent.

Klassika Indiyskogo Kino Классика индийского кино смотреть онлайн

The broadcast schedule includes exclusively Indian films from past years, presented in good quality. The genres covered include drama, melodrama, action, adventure, detective, thriller, and horror. Often, these genres intertwine with each other, creating a stunning effect on the attentive viewer.

The collection includes the following films: “Замужество” (“Marriage”), “Долг и закон” (“Duty and Law”), “Безжалостная возлюбленная” (“Ruthless Beloved”), “Втихаря” (“Secretly”), “Правда и ложь” (“Truth and Lie”), “Любимый Раджа” (“Beloved Raj”), “Холостяк” (“Bachelor”), “Как же быть сердцу” (“What the Heart Wants”), “Зверь” (“Beast”), “Исчезновение” (“Disappearance”), “Коммандос” (“Commandos”), “Двойник” (“Doppelganger”), “Вынужденные обстоятельства” (“Forced Circumstances”), “Любовь над облаками” (“Love Above the Clouds”), “Танцор диско” (“Disco Dancer”), and many others.

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