Watch Klassika Kino TV Online

Klassika Kino TV is a Russian entertainment channel. The channel broadcasts 24/7 in the Russian language. The Classic Cinema channel was launched by the media holding HD Media. The control center is located in Zhukovsky (Moscow region).

The creators position the channel as a comfort zone, free from live news broadcasts and active political discussions. The TV program consists of old films highly acclaimed by audiences and critics worldwide.

Categories on the Klassika Kino TV Channel:

  • “Classics of World Cinema” – the most significant works that will forever remain in the history of humanity;
  • “Masterpieces of American Cinema” – films recognized with awards, reviews from respected experts, and millions of viewer opinions;
  • “Legendary Adaptations” – compelling evidence that a film can sometimes be as good as or even better than a book;
  • “Oscar Nominees” – a selection of films that had every chance of receiving the most prestigious award and are therefore worthy of attention;
  • “Documentary Cinema” – the best examples of the genre on various topics from the USA, UK, Italy, France, and Russia;
  • and others.

The golden collection of the greatest films is available for you online. Use your favorite device to watch Klassika Kino TV Make sure your internet connection is stable.