Watch Kulinar TV Live Online

Kulinar TV is a German thematic channel aimed at the Russian-speaking audience. The channel broadcasts around the clock. Kulinar TV is an endless culinary show for those who truly love to cook. The founder and owner is the company Bem Media GmbH & Co, which also publishes a magazine with step-by-step recipes in both Russian and German languages.

Hosts create real masterpieces live on air, which anyone can replicate if desired. You will learn how to prepare yogurt soup, rice with vegetables and shrimp, pancakes with mango, mascarpone mousse with cookies, egg and fish appetizer, warm salad with buckwheat and beets, meat with pineapple under a cheese crust, roasted pork with rosemary, and more.

The project was created, is steadily existing, and is rapidly developing thanks to commercial advertising. Short video clips are dedicated to household appliances, cooking tools and accessories, and kitchen accessories.

Expand your collection of great recipes to impress your family members and close friends with new items on your home menu! Use your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer to watch Kulinar TV for free online on our internet resource.