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Lava TV is a Russian-language entertainment channel that caters to an adult audience. The channel broadcasts continuously. Lava TV is a true gift for those who appreciate modern Russian film projects. There are no tiresome interruptions for live news or commercial advertisements, only a stream of interesting plots to suit any taste. The genres include drama, romance, comedy, detective, thriller, and science fiction.

Lava TV Лава ТВ смотреть онлайн

In its collection, you can find films such as “If Only It Were True,” “Bad Neighbor,” “Rent-a-Mom,” “The Taste of Happiness,” “Halley’s Comet,” “The Decembrists,” “Union of Salvation,” “Sex and Nothing Personal,” “Teach Me to Live,” and others.

However, the main focus is on TV series. The TV program includes series such as “Just Don’t Let Me Go,” “Wolf Heart,” “The Fate’s Draw,” “Lermontov,” “Anna German: The Secret of the White Angel,” “The Bomb,” “Fighter Jets,” “The Secrets of Mrs. Kirsanov,” “According to the Laws of Wartime,” “The Romanovs,” “The Verdict of the Perfect Card,” “Family Ties,” and “Zorge.”

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