Watch Luxury TV Channels Online

Luxury TV is a Russian general-themed channel that broadcasts around the clock in the Russian language. The entertainment channel Luxury TV started its operations in 2013. It was founded and is owned by LLC “Laksheri.” The headquarters is located in Moscow.

The TV program includes shows about beauty and fashion, luxurious lifestyles, experts from various fields, famous individuals, and travel within Russia and around the world. The project is funded through commercial advertisements.

Programs featured on the Luxury TV channel:

  1. “Art of Makeup” – Makeup tutorials from makeup artists and cosmetologists, product reviews, facial correction lessons, and useful tips.
  2. “Fashion in Russia” – Introduces brands, new collections, trends, and anti-trends from professional stylists.
  3. “Kings of Jewelry Craftsmanship” – Show about jewelry producers, ranging from small local brands to major companies.
  4. “Live Broadcast” – Honest discussions about current events and issues with expert participation.
  5. “Boat Show” – Program for yacht enthusiasts: showcasing models, tests, and professional opinions.
  6. “Masterpieces of Automotive Art” – TV tours of automotive museums and interesting facts about cars.
  7. “Greatest Artists of the World” – Documentary film series about geniuses who created outstanding paintings and new artistic styles.
  8. “100 Wonders of the World” – Hosts visit urban and natural landmarks, revealing the history, culture, and art of different nations.

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