Mihan TV Live

Mihan TV: Bridging Continents Through Iranian Broadcasting, a vibrant beacon of Iranian broadcasting, finds its roots in Santa Ana, California. Established in March 2009, it has emerged as a dedicated platform that resonates with Iranian audiences, delivering live shows six days a week.

Broadcast Origins Mihan TV

Location: Santa Ana, California, United States Inception: March 2009

A Mobile Connection: The world extends beyond television screens, embracing the digital realm with open arms. An innovative leap has led to the development of a mobile website catering to iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and Android devices. Native applications are poised to grace the scene in the near future, promising seamless access and engagement.

Global Reach, Mobile Convenience: Navigating universe has been made remarkably convenient. Whether you wield an iOS device or an Android companion, a visit to the mobile station site through your device’s browser grants you unencumbered access. A realm of captivating content awaits, all without the need for downloads.

Satellite Specifications: transmission is propelled through the expanse of satellites, specifically the Ekspres AM6 – Yahsat @ 53 degrees East. Technical specifics offer a glimpse into the mechanics:

Transponder: A04 Frequency: 12594 MHz Polarization:

  • Symbol Rate (Vertical): 27.500
  • FEC (Forward Error Correction): 2/3
  • SID (Service Identifier): 26
  • PMT (Program Map Table): 1026
  • Audio: 26
  • PCR (Program Clock Reference): 3026

A Tapestry of Connection: Mihan TV emerges as more than just a television station; it’s a bridge connecting distant shores. Rooted in Santa Ana, California, it reaches across continents, fostering a sense of unity and belonging among Iranian communities scattered far and wide. Through its live shows, digital endeavors, and satellite transmission, Mihan TV stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of connectivity and shared experiences.