Watch Mir Seriala TV Online

Mir Seriala is a Russian entertainment channel dedicated to television series. The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day in the Russian language. The Mir Seriala TV channel started broadcasting on July 1, 2010. It was founded and owned by the company Mediamart. The management center is located in Moscow.

The target audience of the channel includes adult viewers who are passionate about Soviet and Russian detective TV series. The channel’s video library features dozens of high-quality projects that are occasionally re-broadcast. For example, “Улицы разбитых фонарей” (Streets of Broken Lights), “Бандитский Петербург” (Criminal St. Petersburg), “Тайны следствия” (Mysteries of Investigation), “На углу у Патриарших” (On the Corner Near Patriarch’s).

The flow of captivating plots is not interrupted by live news broadcasts or thematic informational talk shows.

Program Schedule on Mir Seriala Here are some of the most interesting TV series on the “Мир Сериала” channel:

  • “Государственная защита” (State Protection) – Lieutenant Colonel Medvedev planned to retire, but he received an offer to head a new department to fight crime.
  • “Розыск” (Search) – Major Popov investigates all sorts of crimes, from minor offenses to serial killings.
  • “Отряд” (Squad) – Investigator Danilin tries to find out what happened to the governor’s daughter and ends up in a strange village.
  • “Ментовские войны” (Cop Wars) – The head of the “killer” department Roman Shilov unravels the web woven by the local criminal authority nicknamed Mozart.
  • “Время Синдбада” (Time of Sinbad) – The main character plans to expose and neutralize an international criminal group.
  • “Ваша честь” (Your Honor) – Stories of ordinary people who are forced to go to court for various reasons.

Mir Seriala is available for free and in good quality on our platform. Use any device – smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer – with a stable internet connection to watch your favorite TV series online.