Watch Ohotnik I Rybolov TV Online

Ohotnik I Rybolov TV is a Russian channel aimed at a male audience and focuses on hunting and fishing. It broadcasts around the clock in the Russian language. The channel started broadcasting on December 12, 2012, with the goal of sharing experiences among like-minded individuals, offering masterclasses, and reviewing key events in the world of hunting and fishing.

Some of the interesting programs on the Ohotnik I Rybolov tv channel include:

  • “С охотой по жизни” (“Hunting for Life”) – a series of documentary and artistic films about hunting, discussing the pros and cons, the value of the hobby, and various emotions.
  • “Рыбалка за рулём” (“Fishing at the Wheel”) – hosts Vladimir Solopov and Evgeny Lyskin plan routes, explore different water bodies they come across, and compete with each other.
  • “Охотничьи истории” (“Hunting Stories”) – hunters share the most amazing, exciting, and shocking cases from their lives, also highlighting the differences between theory and practice.
  • “Мировая рыбалка” (“World Fishing”) – an informative show about the intricacies of fishing in different cities and countries.
  • “Друзья охотника” (“Hunter’s Friends”) – a project dedicated to hunting dogs. Valery Kuzenkov helps viewers choose breeds and training methods.
  • “Видеокарта уловистых мест России” (“Video Map of Productive Fishing Spots in Russia”) – experienced anglers provide coordinates for the best fishing spots, share tips and practical advice.
  • “Одержимые” (“Obsessed”) – the program’s heroes are so passionate about hunting that they fear no dangers, difficulties, or bad weather.
  • “Морская ресторация” (“Sea Restaurant”) – chefs prepare delicious and healthy fish dishes live on air, allowing viewers to replicate the recipes at home.

Ohotnik I Rybolov TV is available online on various platforms. You can watch engaging TV shows and gain new knowledge using your preferred device, regardless of your location. All you need is a stable internet connection. To access the channel, you might need to visit its official website or use online streaming platforms that offer access to Ohotnik I Rybolov TV Russian TV channels. Remember to use legal and official sources for watching content.