Omid-e-Iran TV LIVE

Omid-e-Iran OITN: Illuminating Iranian Perspectives: Since its inception in 1995, Omid-e-Iran OITN has been a beacon of hope and insight for the Iranian community, both in Southern California and around the world. Initially conceived to serve the Iranian-American populace of Southern California, its vision swiftly transcended borders to encompass the global Iranian diaspora.

A Tapestry of Culture Omid-e-Iran TV LIVE

  1. Inaugural Journey: the “Hope of Iran,” embarked on its journey in 1995 with the noble purpose of connecting the Iranian community in Southern California. However, its aspirations quickly evolved to encompass Iranians across the international stage.
  2. Global Outreach: This American television network, founded by Nader Rafiee, started as a localized endeavor but soon resonated with Iranians across continents. Its programming not only reflects the rich tapestry of Iranian culture but also reaches out to connect hearts across the Iranian diaspora.

Dual Linguistic Harmony:

  1. Linguistic Symphony: weaves its narrative in a symphony of languages – English and Persian. By embracing these languages, the network creates a harmonious bridge, fostering understanding and communication among Iranians worldwide.

A Glance at the Headquarters:

  1. Hub of Insights: Nestled at 5530 Corbin Ave Unit 210 Tarzana, CA 91356, the headquarters of Omid-e-Iran OITN serves as a hub for generating and disseminating enlightening content that resonates with Iranians across the globe.

The Evolving Narrative:

  1. Founder’s Footprints: The founder, Nader Rafiee, who embarked on their journalistic journey with IRTV, laid the foundation for a network that would not only inform but also engage, inspire, and unify the Iranian community.

A Worldwide Stage:

  1. Boundless Broadcasts: Omid-e-Iran OITN’s reach knows no bounds – it spreads its wings across the world. From its humble beginnings, it has grown into a global platform, connecting Iranians with news, content, and stories that mirror their lives and aspirations.

A Hopeful Legacy:

Omid-e-Iran OITN’s journey encapsulates the evolution of a community’s voice from a regional murmur to an international chorus. As it continues to illuminate minds, foster unity, and share stories that resonate with Iranians, Omid-e-Iran OITN embodies the enduring spirit of hope that binds the Iranian diaspora across oceans, languages, and cultures.