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Ostorozhno Modern is a Russian entertainment channel aimed at an adult audience. The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day in the Russian language. The comedic TV series Ostorozhno Modern aired from 1995 to 2006. The idea and direction were created by Andrey Balashov and Anna Parmas. A spin-off called “Осторожно, Задов!” was also created and aired from 2004 to 2007.

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The Ostorozhno Modern project was a harmonious combination of hilarious dialogues between the hosts, parody musical clips, and original sketches. Initially, the faces of the show were Dmitry Nagiyev and Alla Dovlatova, but later Sergei Rost replaced the latter.

In 1996, the TV program was renamed Ostorozhno Modern Each episode was a separate story with the participation of the two main actors and invited celebrities.

Nagiyev and Rost portrayed dozens of vivid characters, including pretending to be talented TV series writers, dishonest bankers, quiet intellectuals, doctors, police officers, successful professionals, and working-class representatives. Interestingly, they also portrayed female characters.

The creators of the channel offer a break from educational and entertainment programs and live news broadcasts. Enjoy this funny nostalgic show without interruptions for talk formats and commercial advertisements.

Ostorozhno Modern The action of the cult series takes place in a residential area of ​​St. Petersburg and introduces viewers to three families.

  • Vasily Zadov – a tank sergeant by occupation, he’s selfish, miserly, envious, and cunning. He can’t stand taking care of himself, or doing household chores, and is often rude to his family members. His wife, Nina Markovna, works in a military surplus store and is an accountant at a synagogue. She is an exemplary housewife and mother who occasionally engages in infidelity. Their older daughter, Tatiana, is used to earning money with her body, and their younger son, Pavel, is a computer genius and a brilliant inventor.
  • Zinaida Traktorenko – a proctologist, harsh and severe, she keeps her husband and son under strict control. Peter Semenovich – a scientist-botanist, absent-minded and indecisive. Sergei – a natural-born athlete, hockey player, boxer, but unfortunately, not very smart.
  • Stepan Kondratyevich Smorkovichyev – a plumber and an alcoholic, spending all his money on vodka. His partner, Lusya, sews at home and tirelessly fights against her partner’s bad habits. Their son, Lenya, works as a stripper in a bar and is not ashamed of it.

Ostorozhno Modern and “Zадов in Rеалити: Кто хочет жить в ПентхауZе?” This spin-off of the famous sitcom continues the story of Sergeant Zadov, played by Dmitry Nagiyev. His faithful partner, Sergei Rost, declined to participate in the project. However, many Russian stars appeared in episodic roles, including Lyubov Polishchuk, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Mikhail Boyarsky, Tatiana Abramova, Irina Rakshina, Alexander Tsekalo, Evelina Bledans, and others.

According to the plot, Vasily Petrovich lost his job, divorced his wife Nina, and is now raising his eighteen-year-old son, Pashka, alone. Ostorozhno Modern has two goals: to find a new job and to truly fall in love again.

The final chapter of “Zадов in Rеалити: Кто хочет жить в ПентхауZе?” tells the story of how Sergeant Zadov and his neighbors become participants in a reality TV show.

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