Oxir TV Live

Oxir TV: Harmonizing Hearts with Persian Melodies: In the realm of Iranian music television, Oxir TV emerges as a resonant and beloved channel, weaving the mesmerizing tapestry of Persian melodies. This channel holds a special place in the hearts of Iranians, presenting an exquisite selection of songs from diverse artists.

A Harmonious Voyage Oxir TV Live

  1. Melodic Landscape: stands as Iran’s paramount music channel, curating a captivating collection of the most enchanting songs by various artists. This melodious journey resonates deeply with the Iranian populace, capturing their attention and affection.
  2. Captivated Audience: Among Iranians, is more than just a channel – it’s a companion. The channel’s offerings of soul-stirring music create a harmonious connection that transcends mere entertainment, weaving into the fabric of daily life.

An Intimate Invitation:

  1. Accessible Entertainment: opens its doors to Persian music enthusiasts with a seamless invitation. To experience the magic, one need only press the play button – a gateway to a world of captivating sounds and captivating visuals.
  2. A Persian Showcase: The heart of Oxir TV’s programming beats with Persian songs, captivating shows, and a symphony of offerings that echo the essence of Iranian culture. A feast for the senses, this channel brings a slice of Iran’s rich artistic heritage to screens worldwide.

United by Language:

  1. Persian Elegance: broadcasting is a celebration of Iran’s official language, Persian. As the eloquent sounds of Persian weave through the airwaves, viewers are transported to a realm where words and melodies dance in perfect harmony.

Navigating Frequencies:

  1. Satellite Serenade: frequency is rooted in MonacoSat, at 52.0° East. Positioned with precision, its frequency of 10.845 MHz and vertical polarization ensure that the channel’s melodious offerings reach eager ears.

Conclusion: Oxir TV stands as a testament to the power of music to bind hearts and bridge distances. Through its enchanting melodies and captivating programming, this channel has become an integral part of Iranian culture. As viewers press the play button and embark on a journey of Persian musical wonder, Oxir TV becomes not just a channel, but a cherished companion that elevates spirits, celebrates culture, and resonates with the soulful harmonies of Iran.