Persiana Family TV Live Online

Persiana Family (پرشیانا فامیلی) is an Iranian television channel that offers a diverse range of family-friendly movies with Persian dubbing or Persian subtitles. With a commitment to providing content suitable for viewers of all ages, the channel focuses on creating a family-oriented atmosphere. The channel’s lineup includes a wide selection of films, spanning from classic Iranian movies to contemporary international releases. These films are presented in Persian-dubbed versions or with Persian subtitles, making them accessible to a broad audience.

Persiana Family caters to various tastes and preferences by showcasing movies from different genres, including comedy, drama, animation, and action. This diverse programming ensures that there is something for everyone to enjoy, making it an ideal choice for family entertainment.

Serves as a platform to showcase popular foreign serials, allowing viewers to follow captivating storylines from around the world. Whether it’s exploring exciting adventures, heartfelt dramas, or engaging comedies, aims to create a welcoming environment for families to come together and enjoy quality entertainment.

Key Information Persiana Family TV Live Online

  • Channel Name: Persiana Family
  • Language: English, Farsi
  • Country: Iran
  • Category: Movies
  • Content: Family-friendly movies with Persian dubbing or subtitles
  • Variety: Classic Iranian films and contemporary international movies
  • Genres: Comedy, drama, animation, action, and more
  • Platform: Broadcasting TV programs in Persian
  • Satellite Coverage: Monacoast (Turkmen Alam) satellite, offers coverage across African, Asian, and European countries

For the latest programming schedule and additional details about Persiana Family’s offerings, it is recommended to refer to official sources or the broadcaster’s platforms.