Persiana Korea TV Live

Persiana Korea is a captivating network that caters to fans of Korean movies and TV series. By tuning in to this channel, viewers can enjoy a wide array of engaging and entertaining content from the world of Korean entertainment.

Here are the details about Persiana Korea:

  • Channel Name: Persiana Korea
  • Country: Undefined
  • Category: General
  • PCR (Program Clock Reference): 2401
  • Encryption: Clear (FTA – Free To Air)
  • SID (Service Identifier): 24
  • Definition: High definition
  • VPID (Video Packet Identifier): 2401
  • Packages:
  • PMT (Program Map Table): 2400
  • Audio: 2402 AAC (Far)
  • TXT:
  • Last Update: 17-05-2021

Is part of the Persiana Entertainment family, an Iranian entertainment channel. It can be received via the MonacoSat satellite at 52.0° East on the frequency 10804 MHz Horizontal polarization.

Notably, broadcasts in High Definition format, offering a resolution of 1280×720 pixels. As a freely available channel, viewers can access its content without any subscription or additional charges.

Persiana Korea falls under the category of Various channels, and it promises to provide an enriching and delightful viewing experience for those who appreciate Korean cinema and television productions.