Persiana Music TV Live

Persiana Music is a Persian music channel that offers viewers the opportunity to watch new Iranian and foreign music videos throughout the day. This channel is dedicated to providing a platform for enjoying the latest music videos from both Iran and around the world.

Viewers can tune in to stay up-to-date with the newest music releases, whether they are from Iranian artists or international musicians. The channel’s programming is designed to cater to music enthusiasts who want to discover and enjoy a diverse range of music genres, styles, and artists.

Watch Live Persiana Music TV

Persiana Music is part of the Persiana Media group, which is based in Paris, Dubai, and Istanbul. The company was founded in 2016 with the aim of broadcasting TV programs in Persian, catering to Persian-speaking audiences around the world. viewers can immerse themselves in the world of music videos, enjoying the latest hits, exploring different musical genres, and staying connected to the vibrant music scene in Iran and beyond. Whether you’re a fan of Iranian music or interested in discovering international tunes, Persiana Music provides a platform for enjoying the latest music videos throughout the day.