Persiana Rap TV Live

Persiana Rap is a music channel that specializes in rap and hip-hop music. The channel offers a platform for viewers to enjoy a variety of rap and hip-hop music videos, performances, and related content. It is dedicated to showcasing the latest hits and classics from the rap and hip-hop genres.

Here are some details about Persiana Rap TV channel:

Channel Details:

  • Channel Name: Persiana Rap
  • Country: Undefined (Note: The country information is not specified in the provided details)
  • Category: Music
  • PCR: 3000
  • Encryption: Clair (This indicates that the channel is not encrypted and is freely accessible)
  • SID: 7
  • Definition: High definition
  • VPID: 3000
  • Packages: PMT: 700
  • Audio: 702 aac far
  • Last Update: 29-12-2022

Frequency Details:

  • Frequency: 10762.00
  • Polarisation: V (Vertical)
  • Standard: DVB-S
  • Modulation: QPSK
  • Symbol Rate/FEC: 27500 2/3
  • Satellite: TurkmenÄlem/MonacoSat
  • Norad: 40617
  • Channels: 881
  • Free To Air only: 402
  • Longitude: 52.04°E
  • Declination now: 0.01°
  • Max declination: 0.02°
  • Azimuth: N/A
  • Elevation: N/A
  • Last Update: 04-08-2023

Please note that the provided information includes technical details about the channel’s broadcasting, satellite information, and other related parameters. It appears that Persiana Rap TV is available on the TurkmenÄlem/MonacoSat satellite and offers a selection of rap and hip-hop music content for its viewers.