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Watch Pobeda TV Online: Immersive Military-Patriotic Channel is a Russian military-patriotic channel aimed at an adult audience. Broadcasting 24/7 in Russian, Pobeda TV offers a comprehensive lineup of programs catering to patriotic themes.

Pobeda TV Победа смотреть онлайн

The channel Pobeda TV commenced broadcasting on April 9, 2019. It was founded and owned by “Digital Television Family,” with its management center located in Moscow.

The project was launched in honor of the 75th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War (World War II). The channel’s programming is centered around Soviet and Russian military cinema and documentary series that include archival footage, and interviews with veterans, historians, and other experts. Of special note is the informative show “Path to Victory.” This show provides an authentic account of historical events, backed by documents and reconstructions of events from that era.

Program Lineup: Among the films and series featured on the Pobeda TV channel:

  • “Officers” – The story of two best friends, Trofimov and Varavva, who met while serving and dedicated decades to the selfless defense of their homeland.
  • “Bless the Woman” – As war approaches, young Vera falls in love with Alexander despite a significant age difference. She must not only learn about serious relationships but also find the strength to stand up for herself during tumultuous times.
  • “And Quiet Flows the Don” – As fascists plan to seize a strategically important transportation artery, Senior Sergeant Vaskov and his female anti-aircraft gunners prepare for a brutal confrontation.
  • “Kalashnikov” – The biography of the renowned designer of firearms, who created the globally recognized AK-47.
  • “Time to Gather Stones” – With peace finally at hand, German Lieutenant Onesorg and Soviet Captain Demin joined forces to disarm landmines in agricultural fields.
  • “The Little Soldier” – Six-year-old Sergey Shishkin is an orphan, cared for by regular soldiers who invent games to teach him necessary survival skills while keeping him untroubled.
  • “Silent Scream” – Young Mitia is left alone in blockaded Leningrad, and Katya declares him her younger brother, shouldering the full responsibility for his well-being.
  • “Unit One” – Lieutenant Egorov must defend a bridge to allow the army to cross. Nearby, he discovers a partially destroyed monastery housing deaf orphans and their caregiver Eva.
  • “I Will Give You Victory” – A successful and jaded businessman reads the diary of a seventeen-year-old volunteer front-line fighter who fearlessly protected loved ones and the homeland. This journey into the past turns the hero’s everyday life upside down.
  • “Scream of the Owl” – Police officer Yuri Sirotkin is severely wounded in a clash with audacious criminals. In his dreams, he often speaks German, triggering an official investigation led by Ivan Mitin.

The Pobeda TV channel provides an immersive space for viewers to delve into military-patriotic themes, honoring the past and offering a deeper understanding of history.