Watch Raz TV Channels Online

You can watch Raz TV channel online on our website using your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. Raz TV is a Russian channel dedicated to healthy eating, original recipes from chefs, useful tips for home and garden, family relationships, and travel. The broadcasting is carried out round the clock in Russian.

The Raz TV channel appeared on June 1, 2009, and until March 8, 2011, it was called “Gde i Kto” (Where and Who). The creators aimed to produce and show positive programs for the whole family.

In the TV program, you can find culinary shows, entertainment shows, interviews with interesting people, educational projects from foreign producers, documentaries, and feature films.

Key programs on Raz TV:

  • “Odni Doma” (Home Alone) – hosts visit families and offer mothers a break while fathers take on all responsibilities.
  • “Zvyozdny Kapriz” (Star Whim) – celebrities cook dishes from family recipes and invite viewers to join in the process.
  • “Moya-Tvoya Eda” (My-Your Food) – Konstantin Ivlev, a connoisseur of haute cuisine, competes in culinary arts with Victoria Agapova, who believes that nothing beats homemade dishes.
  • “Sladkaya Zhizn” (Sweet Life) – a program for dessert lovers. TV hosts share unique and original jam recipes that all homemakers should take note of.
  • “Pust Rastyot” (Let It Grow) – gardener Linda Hallinan grows vegetables and fruits in her garden and comes to the aid of those who are not well-versed in gardening.
  • “Respublika Vkusa” (Republic of Taste) – host Alena Borodina delves into the national cuisines of former Soviet countries.
  • “Mamina Kukhnya” (Mom’s Kitchen) – a show about simple and healthy dishes for young children, where the host shares everything you need to know about children’s nutrition.
  • “Grani Zdorovya” (Health Boundaries) – the host of the program tests unconventional and alternative medical methods on himself.
  • “Raznye Litsa” (Different Faces) – a series of biographical films about well-known people from various fields, featuring honest dialogues with the heroes.
  • “Pravilnyi Fastfood” (Healthy Fast Food) – Sergey Kuznetsov travels the world to find quick but healthy food options.
  • “Doktor Liza” (Doctor Lisa) – charming veterinarian Lisa takes care of animals live on air, provides useful advice to pet owners, and helps her wards find new homes.
  • “Uzhin s Pervogo Vzglyada” (Dinner at First Sight) – a man and a woman meet at Kirill Golikov’s restaurant to jointly prepare a romantic dinner.
  • “Ostrova Korolevy” (Islands of the Queen) – a series of documentary films about the United Kingdom, where TV hosts explore both popular and less known attractions of the country.

Every day, there’s a live informational-analytical program called “Svobodnoe Vremya” (Free Time). Hosts discuss current events of the day and gather comments from participants, witnesses, and experts.

You can watch Raz TV, as well as many other TV channels, online on our website. Just make sure your device is connected to the internet, and you’re ready to explore new knowledge and positive impressions!