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Rick and Morty – a thematic channel aimed at fans of the eponymous animated series. The broadcast is available 24/7 in Russian. The popular science fiction animated series “Rick and Morty” has been airing since December 2013 and currently has six seasons. The creators are Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, and it airs on Cartoon Network.

The action is set in an average American town. Rick Sanchez is an elderly alcoholic, misanthrope, and brilliant scientist. He’s a cynic by nature and accustomed to disregarding social norms. For many years, he was absent, forgetting about his family, which led to his only daughter receiving psychological trauma.

Now Beth is an adult woman. She works as a veterinarian, saving animals’ lives, and hides some bad habits from everyone. Her husband Jerry is a foolish and sentimental slacker. Their oldest daughter, Summer, is a seventeen-year-old smarty, focused on numerous interests. The youngest son, Morty, is kind-hearted, anxious, and insecure as a teenager.

Grandfather and grandson spend long hours together. Rick uses a portal gun and a flying saucer to travel to parallel worlds or other planets with Morty. He also regularly invents new unusual gadgets. As a result, other family members often get into serious trouble.

In each episode, the writers reflect on questions of personal responsibility and the justification of risk, as innocent pranks can lead to tragedy and disaster, as experience shows.

Thanks to the channel, you can take a break from informative-entertaining formats and live news broadcasts. The schedule exclusively consists of episodes in non-stop mode without interruptions for commercials. Please note the age restriction – eighteen plus.

The History of Creating Rick and Morty

Justin Roiland has always valued satire, tragicomedy, and black humor. Since 2004, he attended an annual event where animators showcased pilots, and viewers chose which ones should become full-fledged series.

Roiland’s works always provoked ambiguous and conflicting reactions, so he never made it to the winners’ lists. Nevertheless, the festival organizer, Dan Harmon, noticed the colleague’s talent and offered him collaboration in 2006 when Roiland presented a cartoon about Doc and Mharti, a mischievous parody of the “Back to the Future” franchise.

Today, the “Rick and Morty” cartoon is in high demand all over the world, translated into dozens of languages, and receives prestigious awards at ceremonies, including the Emmys and the Annies. In 2022, it was announced that fans can expect the seventh season. The joy was slightly overshadowed by rumors that Roiland might step down from the group of creators.

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