Watch Russian Extreme TV Channel Online

Russian Extreme is an entertainment-themed channel. The channel broadcasts around the clock in the Russian language. The Russian Extreme channel began its operations on January 1, 2006. The founder and owner of the channel is Signal Media company. The management center is located in Moscow.

The target audience of the channel is people who are passionate about extreme sports. The TV program includes educational and entertaining shows, high-quality recordings of major global competitions from different years (some events are shown live), as well as American and European fictional films.

Programs on the Russian Extreme Channel Here are some of the most popular programs on the Russian Extreme channel:

Super! Real Extreme – professional extreme sports athletes share the most amazing, sometimes even shocking stories from their lives; “Wanderlust” – traveler Morgan Barrett seeks out “wild” places that tourists don’t often visit, and often takes risks for unforgettable experiences;

“Around the World on Foot” – blogger Valery Shanin selects the best hiking routes and sets out on a journey; “SOS” – a team visits cities and countries without language knowledge, useful connections, or means of sustenance; “In the Rhythm of the Wave” – experienced surfers conquer the islands of the Caribbean Sea while giving practical advice to fellow enthusiasts; “Ocean Predators” – a series of documentary stories about underwater inhabitants, ranging from friendly creatures to real monsters;

“My Yukon” – an adventurer embarks on an expedition through Canada and Alaska following a route charted by mountaineer Walter Bonatti; “Visiting Max” – studio guests are extreme sports enthusiasts who are ready to talk about themselves, their work, achievements, and plans for the future. The Russian Extreme channel is available online on our website. Use your favorite device to watch entertaining shows of good quality and for free.