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Semeynaya Kuhnya is a culinary channel for those who want to create a diverse menu. The channel broadcasts around the clock in the Russian language. The YouTube channel Semeynaya Kuhnya started on January 5, 2014. Members of a close-knit family generously share both simple and complex family recipes. The main categories cover soups and starters, meat, poultry and fish, salads, appetizers, sauces, desserts, ice cream, cocktails, and other beverages. The hosts also pay attention to holidays, diet, and children’s options. Occasionally, live broadcasts are held.

Семейная кухня смотреть онлайн

Learn how to prepare baked mackerel on a vegetable cushion, mushroom borscht, Korean-style asparagus, stuffed pork leg, buckwheat with minced meat in a merchant’s style, chicken chakhokhbili, red lentil puree soup, “Napoleon” cake with coconut, strawberry jelly, and much more.

The uniqueness of this original project lies in the sections “Experiments” and “Restaurant Reviews in Barcelona.” The typical informational and educational entertainment formats found on TV are absent. Commercial advertisements are included.

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