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Sledstvie Vedut Znatoki TV is a Russian entertainment channel dedicated to the eponymous series of television films and aimed at an adult audience. The channel broadcasts continuously both during the day and at night in the Russian language.

The Soviet television series Sledstvie Vedut Znatoki TV aired from 1971 to 1989. In 2002, a continuation was released, allowing viewers to see how their beloved characters changed over ten years. The original concept and script were created by Olga and Alexander Lavrov.

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The central characters are employees of the Moscow police. Investigator Pavel Znamensky (Georgy Martynyuk) is a top-notch analyst, sensitive psychologist, and interrogation master. Upholding a sense of justice in himself, he never agreed to deal with criminals and never broke the rules. Inspector of the criminal investigation department Alexander Tomin (Leonid Kanevsky) was distinguished by his theatricality and charm, which allowed him to easily gain the trust of wrongdoers with the intention of exposing them. Expert criminologist Zinaida Kibrit (Elsa Dezhdey) was guided solely by science. Her specialized knowledge repeatedly helped guide the investigation in the right direction.

The main feature of the series is the absence of high-action scenes with chases, brutal fights, and shootings. The emphasis is on thoughtful, deliberate, and serious work within the confines of uniform offices. The creators paid attention to the detailed development of the characters (including supporting characters) and interpersonal relationships, and they also brought ethical issues to the forefront. In the finale of each story, antagonists clearly explained their motivation and invariably expressed regret for their misdeeds.

Since the project was initiated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR, the main goal was to create a likable, attractive image of a police officer. It was assumed that the employees would aspire to be as responsible, diligent, and incorruptible as depicted in the series.

This Sledstvie Vedut Znatoki channel is an excellent opportunity to immerse oneself in a bygone era and take a break from traditional TV formats. There are no live news broadcasts, analytical talk shows, or informative programs here. Advertisements are also absent.

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