Watch Sovetskoe Kino TV Online

Sovetskoe Kino is a Russian entertainment channel that focuses on broadcasting classic Soviet films and TV series. The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day in the Russian language. The Sovetskoe Kino TV channel is owned by the media holding company HD Media. Its headquarters is located in Zhukovsky, Moscow Oblast.

This channel is created for those who are tired of live news and analytical shows. The TV program exclusively features time-tested and beloved films and TV series that evoke a sense of pleasant nostalgia.

Program Schedule on Sovetskoe Kino Here are some of the most popular films and TV series on the channel:

  • “Красное и чёрное” (Red and Black) – a work by Sergei Gerasimov about Governor Julien Sorel, who falls in love with the wife of Mr. de Renal, the mayor of the town.
  • “Место встречи изменить нельзя” (No Meetings Allowed) – Senior Lieutenant Vladimir Sharapov joins the criminal investigation service and immediately starts investigating the murder of a woman named Gruzdeva.
  • “Взять живым” (Take Alive) – Young Vasily Romashkin was full of ambitions, but the war started, and he had to go to the front with his father.
  • “Красавец-мужчина” (Handsome Man) – Apollo Okoemov is infatuated with his wife Zoya, but at the same time, he plans to marry Moscow millionaire Oboldueva to improve his financial situation.
  • “Воспитание жестокости у женщин и собак” (Raising Cruelty in Women and Dogs) – the story of the warm friendship between a lonely woman named Anna and a dog named Nyura.
  • “Дом, который построил Свифт” (The House That Swift Built) – an exciting journey into the mysterious house of the famous writer, inhabited by unusual creatures: giants, Lilliputians, Yahoos, and Houyhnhnms.

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