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Star TV is a Turkish general-interest channel aimed at an adult audience. The broadcast is available 24 hours a day in the Turkish language. The Star TV channel started broadcasting on March 1, 1989. The founders are Cem Uzan and Tefik Ahmet Ozal, and the owner is the company Doğuş Media Group. The headquarters is located in Istanbul, Turkey.

The channel’s broadcasting lineup is based on high-quality informative and entertaining shows of its own production, original documentary series, and feature films. Commercial advertisements are also included.

The collection of TV series on the channel includes titles such as “My Better Half,” “Scorpion,” “I Waited for You So Long,” “Accidental Love,” “Island Tale,” “My Life,” “Hiding Our Mom,” “Game of Destiny,” “Early Bird,” “Dear Past,” “In Sorrow and Joy,” “Daughter of the Ambassador,” “Babylon,” “High Society,” “Children of Sisters,” “Raven,” and more.

Programs on Star TV Here are some of the most exciting programs on the Star TV channel:

  • “Delightful Recipes” – İdil Yazaroğlu inspires cooking breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, and tests life hacks.
  • “Yağmurlu Yollar” – MELTEM DEMİR visits places transformed by women entrepreneurs and discusses business with them.
  • “The Ordinary Show” – Exclusive interviews with prominent celebrities about daily life, work, and creativity.
  • “Doctor Is In” – Practicing doctors talk about common diseases, modern treatment methods, and sensible prevention.
  • “Very Acoustic” – Heartfelt conversations with vocalists and musicians, acoustic performances, and interaction with the audience.
  • “Morning with Sedat Sayan” – Touching and funny love stories: The team matches heroes with partners and suggests building harmonious romantic relationships.
  • “In Search of Truth” – Discussion of actual events and unsolved cases; often, missing people are found in the studio, and old family secrets are revealed.
  • “Star News” – Highly anticipated premieres and releases, coverage of thematic events, reliable facts against “yellow” gossip.
  • “Weekends with Burcu” – The host regularly asks diverse questions and invites specialists: why the stomach swells, what causes cellulite, and what factors affect pregnancy.
  • “Happiness at Home” – Meeting wonderful families going through tough times and providing selfless assistance.
  • “Fashion with Tulin Şahin” – Thoughtful reviews of the latest shows, analysis of trends and anti-trends, and helpful advice for women and men.
  • “Today with Mesut Yar” – A compilation of positive current news generously seasoned with witty humor.
  • “The Most Beautiful Episode” – Stories about how series are created: moments from shooting, comments from involved parties, failed takes, social media posts.

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